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"Special relations" with Iran, but not at expense of Palestinian blood

Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Member of Fatah Central Committee and Secretary of Fatah’s Lebanon branch:
“It doesn't threaten us to be allies of Iran, of Syria and of all of our Arab brethren. We are part of this nation, and Iran. But this alliance must not be founded on the principle that we will be part of these regimes. … We must not be dictated a political position and we must not be dictated a decision and they (implication unclear – Ed.) will disappear from our wish as Palestinians. … We have a special place in [our heart] for Iran. The first to wave the flag of Palestine over the building of the Israeli embassy were the Iranian people, and all of our Arab brethren have a special place among us. … We say to them: You were our partners, but don’t dictate us your own wishes. We won’t agree to your regional interests at the expense of our blood, our suffering, our tragedy and our injuries.”

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