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Fatah official: “The weapons of the resistance are pure… Whoever harms the weapons is not a patriot” but “a traitor” “Let these weapons multiply”

Al-Alam radio host
: “There is an explosive topic of great significance which everyone on the Palestinian side is afraid to deal with. The Arabs and the world are occupied with their affairs, and in Israel, everyone is always asking: ‘What will happen with the weapons of the resistance?’”
Fatah Movement Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki: “The weapons of the resistance are pure, and must be kept. We are increasing our training daily and strengthening our capabilities for the appropriate day, because we are not like sheep going to the slaughter. Whoever harms the weapons of the resistance is not a patriot, and we must look at him in a different light, because these weapons are being used under occupation in a manner that is in accordance with the national decision. They can be beneficial if they are used, and they have a great effect on the other side, Israel. If there was peace and Israeli withdrawal, then perhaps this [issue] could be raised, and we would not treat one who raises it as a traitor. But we are currently subject to occupation, and you ask to put down the weapons of the resistance, and you cannot talk about the hilltop youth in Israel or price tag (i.e., refers to Jewish vandalism and terror), nor about the gangs that [Israel] is arming, nor the settlers, and therefore this is inappropriate. This is Israel’s language: ‘Put down your weapons and be slaves.’ We are not slaves and we will not put down the weapons. Yasser Arafat said: ‘In my hands are a rifle and an olive branch.’ We suspect whoever talks about disarmament... It is forbidden to talk about the topic of the weapons at all."
Host: “At all?”
Abbas Zaki: “It is forbidden. I said on the Al-Meyadeen [Lebanese TV] channel a while ago that I will not allow it. We have brigades in the Gaza Strip, and now we will resume arming them even more. What do they think, those in Israel… The role of our [PA] government is to serve the public. We have made a strategic decision in the PLO, which is the source of authority. We are not like sheep. In the Fatah Central Committee we forbid raising the topic [of disarmament]. Let these weapons multiply and become more sophisticated. But their usage is subject to the authority of the highest institutions and the national decision. All talk of disarmament is consistent with [the interests of] Israel, while the talk of controlling [the weapons] is preparation for the coming day of battle.”
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