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PA daily op-ed: Israel is an “colonialist investment project,” “Jews control the communications and media as well as the financial arteries of the large companies”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “The leadership’s not impossible mission”
        “There are those who rush to hold the Palestinian leadership responsible for the occupation state’s policy…
But don’t those same people who rush know… that the occupation state (Israel) [parentheses in source throughout article] is rebelling against international law, and that as a colonialist investment project it still answers the needs of the powers, which are interested in controlling the Middle East region in general and the Arab states in particular, subjugating its peoples, and preventing them from restoring their cultural status…
The forces of colonialism worked to establish military bases and regimes in order to ensure their interests in strategic regions in the world, but most of them disappeared due to fundamental changes among the peoples of these states. For this reason the modern forces of colonialism continue to ignore the rights of the Palestinian people, and place the security of the occupation state (Israel) above all considerations…
The [Palestinian] leadership’s mission – to unravel the occupation state’s (Israel’s) connection with the powerful countries and states of the world – is not a simple matter, but it is also not impossible…
The mission is not simple because Jews control the communications and media as well as the financial arteries of the large companies, and most importantly: the European states are careful to leave the Jewish problem in the Middle East and prevent its return to its countries of origin (Europe). However, this mission can certainly be realized if we unequivocally convince the world that Israel – which adheres to the colonialist and racist method of occupation and settlement – is the center of the political earthquakes in the region.”

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