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UK gives 20 million pounds annually in aid to PA general budget

Headline: “Saidam: Britain has decided to pay its annual contribution of 20 million pounds to support the [PA] general budget”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education, [Fatah Central Committee Deputy Secretary, and Fatah Revolutionary Council Deputy Secretary] Sabri Saidam announced today (Saturday) [Nov. 25, 2017] that Britain has agreed to pay its annual contribution of 20 million pounds, which is allocated to support the [PA] general budget of Palestine. Part of it will be allocated for the education [sector], as an affirmation of [Britain’s] commitment to support this sector and efforts to develop it and improve its accomplishments.
This was said during a phone call that Saidam received from B ritish Minister [of State for the Department for] International Development Alistair Burt. Saidam emphasized that the donors’ continued support for the education [sector] proves the confidence in the Palestinian [PA] education system, its efficiency, and its ability to record quality achievements.
He emphasized the importance of continuing this aid, whose goal is to support the education [sector], particularly in the fields that contribute to strengthening the education system.”
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