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Willingness to continue Fatah struggle will not end

Al-Falastinia TV (PA)  |
Jamal Huweil, elected to the Fatah Revolutionary Council at the General Fatah Conference, Aug. 4-6, 2009:
"We [in Fatah] need a generation that is first of all capable of representing our young people, a generation that is capable of spearheading the next platform of the Fatah movement – whether on the subject of negotiations and the political process, to persuade this people about the political option, or the option of resistance. We have the greatest capability, and we still keep the embers of the resistance [alive] – and as you know, I came out of prison only 40 days ago. We still keep the embers of the resistance [alive] and are ready to continue on the path of our struggle, if we are clearly asked to do so by the Fatah movement – to continue with our struggle in all its forms. We are ready, with great willingness that will not lessen."