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Fatah official: The tunnels in Gaza will be sealed under PA sovereignty

Headline: "A senior figure in the PA: All of the tunnels in Gaza must be sealed"
“Fatah Movement Advisory Council member Sarhan Dweikat said: 'Under the PA's sovereignty, the legitimacy of the tunnels in the Gaza Strip cannot be approved, as legitimizing the tunnels means limiting the role of the state and its leadership. The state and its leadership are the only rulers on the ground, and applying their rule means rule above and below ground.'…
He explained that when we talk about borders, the meaning is that it is necessary to regularize the crossings and seal all of the tunnels in Gaza, so that the Palestinian [PA] Security Forces are the ones controlling the borders. How is it possible to place a soldier of the national [PA] Security [Forces] on the border when there is a tunnel underneath him? In this case, there will be no sovereignty or control…
Regarding the resistance's weapons, Dweikat said: 'They must be regularized and subject to the PA decisions, as there is no excuse for the existence of militias acting secretly or openly. The decision regarding peace or war is a political decision, to which no one has an exclusive right, and it must be a general Palestinian decision.’"