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Palestinian news agency publishes Islamic Jihad leader’s message to Israel: ‘O enemy, know that we are coming and that our bullets will reach your chest’

Headline: "Al-Batsh: Enabling the resistance in the West Bank will protect our people from the settlers"

"Islamic Jihad Movement leader Khaled Al-Batsh emphasized the need for all of the Palestinian spheres to remain in a state of ongoing confrontation with the occupation, from Jenin (i.e., in the northern West Bank) to Rafah (i.e., in the southern Gaza Strip), whatever the cost may be, and also emphasized that we are waging all of our battles with determination and honor.
In a speech he gave during a vigil that Islamic Jihad organized at the Jabalia [refugee] camp as a sign of support for the residents of the village of Qusra in Nablus who are subject to attacks by the settlers (sic., the residents assaulted a group of young Jews hiking near the village on Nov. 30, 2017, and one Jew shot and killed one of the attackers in self-defense), he said: 'Without confronting the occupation, protecting the weapons of the resistance, and conveying a message from our people to the occupation that we are the owners of the right and the land… the world will understand that we have surrendered to the occupation.'

He directed a message to the Israeli occupation by saying: ‘O enemy, know that we are coming and that our bullets will reach your chest as happened yesterday [Nov. 31, 2017] in Beit Hanoun (refers to terrorists in Gaza who fired mortars on Israeli soldiers; none were wounded on the Israeli side –Ed.). We are a people that will not die, and our revenge will not die until we cause the enemy to pay, at any cost, because that is our way.’

He also emphasized [the importance of] the Palestinian national unity, the [Hamas-Fatah] reconciliation, and the efforts to achieve them at any cost."