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Abbas’ advisor to Vatican Secretary of State: “The entire world will suffer from the consequences “ of US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Headline: “Vatican Prime Minister: Transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem will endanger the stability and peace in the world”
      “Supreme Shari’ah Judge of Palestine, [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas’] advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs, [and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Justice] Mahmoud Al-Habbash met yesterday [Dec. 5, 2017] with Vatican Prime Minister (sic., Secretary of State) Cardinal [Pietro] Parolin, and discussed with him the latest developments regarding Jerusalem and the consequences of the American administration’s inclination to transfer its embassy to [Jerusalem] and recognize it as the capital of Israel. During the meeting, which was held in the Vatican, Al-Habbash emphasized that the steps that the US intends to take against Jerusalem place the entire region on the boil, and pave the way to a deterioration of the situation in the region in a tragic manner whose results are unimaginable. He noted that the entire world will suffer from the consequences of this decision.”
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US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel - On Dec. 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump gave a speech formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stating that he had instructed the State Department to begin preparations to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump concluded by stating that the US is still fully committed to the peace process in the Middle East. Following his speech, Trump signed the waiver to delay the transfer of the embassy, and apparently will continue to do so until preparations for the transfer have been completed.

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