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Fatah official to Hezbollah head’s call for intifada over US announcement on Jerusalem: “We will not disappoint you”

Al-Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)  |
Headline: “Zaki to Nasrallah: We will not disappoint you!”
     “Palestinian Fatah Movement Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations] Abbas Zaki said that the [Fatah] Movement is no longer interested in any relations with the US, as it and Israel are currently two sides of the same coin. He also said that [US President Donald] Trump will no longer have a role in the political process or a [peace] agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Zaki’s statements came after Hezbollah Secretary-General Mr. Hassan Nasrallah’s speech at a mass demonstration for Jerusalem held in the southern quarter of Beirut, in which he called on the Palestinian people to carry out a third intifada in response to American President Donald Trump’s recent decision, as part of which he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Zaki addressed the secretary-general of Hezbollah and said: ‘We will not disappoint you.’”
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Posted on the website of Al-Mayadeen, Lebanese satellite TV channel.

US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel - On Dec. 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump gave a speech formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stating that he had instructed the State Department to begin preparations to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump concluded by stating that the US is still fully committed to the peace process in the Middle East. Following his speech, Trump signed the waiver to delay the transfer of the embassy, and apparently will continue to do so until preparations for the transfer have been completed.

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