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Fatah: Armed struggle is our right

Sultan Abu Al-Einein, member of the Fatah Central Committee and Secretary of Fatah’s Lebanon branch:
"Mahmoud Abbas said in front of the entire [Sixth General Fatah] conference : 'Any people whose land is occupied has the right to carry out resistance in all its forms, to carry out a national struggle in all its forms, including the armed struggle.' I want to say: Any people that willingly relinquishes its right to carry out resistance in all its forms – all its forms! Including the armed struggle! – is not worthy of existence. Any people whose land is occupied! It's a right bestowed upon us by . . . international law. It's a right that is given to us, and we will not abandon it.
We want peace, but not a peace of obedience, not a peace of submission, and not a peace that is based on the Palestinian people receiving a state that is a small settlement or an economic colony. We will not accept that . . . . The international community must be aware that the option of negotiations is our option and our decision, but it won't be the sole option forever."