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PMW director interviewed on World Israel News

World Israel News Staff  |
PMW director interviewed on World Israel News 

According to Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, the Palestinian Authority has been in “full incitement mode” [since Trump’s announcement that the US now recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.] Marcus told World Israel News (WIN), “The PA is saying that the US and its President will end up in the dust bin of history. Jerusalem is ours and will remain ours so from their perspective it’s invalid and needs a response. They called for a day of rage and violence and said that everyone must rise up against this.” In effect, Marcus told WIN, “They are calling for Muslims to attack American interests anywhere in the world.”

According to Marcus, the US made a big mistake. He told WIN, “The US allowed the Palestinian Authority to take the lead and get the upper hand. The PA announced they won’t meet with Pence. It should have been the opposite. The United States should have announced we are not meeting with any Palestinian Authority leaders if they are inciting to violence and not behaving like a peace partner.”

“The tragedy is that the US has tolerated this kind of incitement to violence and terror for many years and there have never been international political repercussions. The United States should today announce that no PA leader will get a visa to travel to the United States or meet any US officials until they stop their incitement. They must be made to understand they cannot threaten violence with impunity,” Marcus said.

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