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PA official: Israel steals Palestinian organs for sick settlers

     "Senior officials and experts on Palestinian prisoners' and detainees' affairs confirmed that Israel is preparing the groundwork and the atmosphere for theft of and trade in the organs and corpses of Palestinians killed by the occupation.
Nash'at Al-Wahidi, general coordinator of the Popular Movement for Protection of Prisoners and a member of the factions' Prisoners' Committee, said that the atmosphere created by the occupation forces, and their treatment of the bodies of prisoners, is preparing the conditions for organ trade by Israel. He said, in a special briefing, that ‘the bodies are buried in a pit 70cm deep, wrapped in sacks that offer no protection,’ and added that the occupation treats the bodies as a supply for experiments, stealing the organs of Shahids (Martyrs) and transplanting them in the bodies of sick settlers…
Abd Al-Nasser Farawneh, senior official in the Ministry for Prisoner Affairs, said, ‘This is not something strange for the occupation government, and it's not the first time that they're killing or stealing body parts and corpses of Palestinians. Israel has been behaving this way for a long time… Israel stole many organs and bodies.’ He demanded an international investigation of these crimes, and stated that ‘bodies have been returned to family members after operations had been performed on them, and they were like skeletons; it is almost certain that organs were stolen from some of them.’ Farawneh noted that there are several testimonies confirming that Israel practices a policy of theft and trade in organs and bodies of Palestinians…
Journalist Mukhles Samara said: ‘The fact that the occupation army steals body parts of Palestinian Shahids (Martyrs) and trades in them is one hundred percent true.’"