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Fatah commemorates 53rd anniversary of first terror attack and first “Martyr”, with image of masked fighter with a rocket

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Bethlehem Branch

Posted text:
A short segment about the first Martyr (Shahid) of the Fatah Movement and the modern Palestinian revolution and one of those who carried out the Eilabun operation (i.e., attempted bombing of Israel’s National Water Carrier, see note below)

The image shows a masked and uniformed member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military wing, with a rocket.

Text on image:
“Martyr Ahmad Musa Ibrahim Al-Dalki
Al-Dalki is the first Martyr of the Fatah Movement and one of those who carried out the operation destroying the Eilabun tunnel on Jan. 1, 1965
This was the operation following which the Fatah Movement declared the outbreak of the modern Palestinian revolution. The Martyr’s role in the operation was to place the explosives, together with three other comrades. After the successful execution of the operation, three of the self-sacrificing fighters (Fedayeen) succeeded in reaching their bases safely, other than Ahmad, of whom it became known afterwards that he died as a Martyr.
Fatah Movement – Bethlehem Branch”

Bombing of Israel's National Water Carrier - On Jan. 1, 1965, Palestinian terrorists attempted to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier. This was the first attack against Israel carried out by Fatah. Fatah refers to the attack as the “Intilaqa”, meaning “the Launch” of Fatah.

Ahmad Musa - known among Palestinians as the “first Martyr of the modern Palestinian revolution.” He was killed by a Jordanian army patrol on his way back to Jordan after the first Fatah terror attack against Israel, the attempted bombing of Israel's
National Water Carrier on Jan. 1, 1965.