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Fatah youth movement threatens Israeli MP, calls Israel an “imaginary entity”

Headline: “Great rage over Hazan’s insolence”
       “The [PA] national unity government demanded that the relevant and authorized organizations and institutions of the international community – and prime among them the Red Cross – condemn Israeli Parliament Member Oren Hazan and settle accounts with him over his racist behavior and the crime that he committed against mothers and family members of our heroic prisoners (he verbally confronted family members of terrorists; see note below –Ed.)…
The Fatah Shabiba [Movement] in the West Bank said in a statement yesterday [Dec. 26, 2017] in response to extremist Likud Parliament Member Oren Hazan’s attack on a bus of family members of prisoners from Gaza… that the feet of the Palestinian resistance brigades, led by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (i.e., Fatah’s military wing), will trample this racist, and that the tongue that insults our prisoners and their families will be cut off. It noted that the actions of this hated racist will have severe consequences…
The Fatah Shabiba [Movement] said in its statement that the one who thinks that crimes like these will pass without a price is deluding himself. It called on this fascist [Hazan] to remember how the soldiers of his imaginary [Zionist] entity cried under the bullets of Thaer Hammad (i.e., terrorist, murdered 10), and noted that all of the options and fronts are open in order [to protect] the honor of our prisoners.”

On Dec. 26, 2017, Israeli Parliament Member Oren Hazan stopped and entered a bus carrying family members of terrorists from Gaza to a prison in Israel and verbally confronted them. Among other things, Hazan referred to their terrorist sons as “dogs” and “insects,” and promised he would make sure they would “never see them again” until Hamas releases three Israelis currently being held in Gaza (Avram Mengistu and the bodies of fallen Israeli soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul). The protest was organized by the Headquarters for the Return of the Captives and Missing from Gaza. Following the incident Hazan was given a personal security detail by the Israeli Parliament.

Thaer Hammad – Palestinian terrorist serving 11 life sentences for murdering 3 Israeli civilians and 7 soldiers by shooting them with a sniper rifle from a hilltop in Wadi Al-Haramiya between Ramallah and Nablus on March 3, 2002.

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