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Parent committee, with PA involvement, launches campaign to “cleanse” Israeli curriculum from Arab schools in Jerusalem to prevent “Judaization”

Headline: “The launch of a campaign to cleanse the Jerusalem schools of the Israeli curriculum”
        “The Parent Committee of [Palestinian] Students in the Jerusalem Schools held a press conference yesterday [Dec. 28, 2017] under the slogan The Judaization of the Palestinian Curriculum in Jerusalem.
Director of the Palestinian Education Directorate (i.e., under the PA Ministry of Education) in Jerusalem Samir Jibril, [PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and [Jerusalem] District Governor Adnan Al-Husseini, Head of the Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, and Head of the Parent Committee of Students in the Jerusalem Schools Ziyad Al-Shamali were present at the press conference… The parent committee summarized the Judaization plan and the Israeli establishment’s strong attack to Judaize the Arab schools in Jerusalem, starting with falsifying the Palestinian schoolbooks and up to inserting Israeli schoolbooks into Jerusalem’s Arab schools through a variety of ways and means…
The committee decided to launch a campaign to cleanse Jerusalem’s schools of the Israeli curriculum through a plan in which all of the institutions and sources of authority in Jerusalem will participate. It also decided on the means of distributing the roles for implementing the proposed plan in order to distance this danger from our educational institutions once and for all.
The committee explained that the goal of this plan is to cleanse and clean our schools of the Israeli curriculum due to the great dangers it contains for our sons and daughters – the male and female students – and for our educational institutions by erasing the religious, national, and historical belonging from the minds of the generations of the adolescents, and creating a new reality that is consistent with the occupation.”

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