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PA daily publishes photograph of child carrying rifle, words of PA official encouraging further violence

Headline: “Qalqilya: Thousands light the torch of the Launch”

“Thousands of Qalqilya district residents and members of the Fatah Movement participated in lighting the torch of the 53rd anniversary of the Launch (Intilaqa), under the slogan Continuing for Jerusalem and Independence.
The mass participation procession set out from the [PA] Ministry of Interior directorate building, with the participation of District Governor of Qalqilya Rafe’ Rawajbeh…
The district governor emphasized that the popular uprising ‎(i.e., term used by Palestinians, which also refers to the use of violence and terror) must be escalated, and that all of the Palestinians need to participate in it in order to collect the price of the occupation of our Palestinian land from the occupation, and to force it to leave [the land] by the force of the popular resistance and the support of the brothers and friends from all of the world’s states.”
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The article includes a picture from the event in which a young boy is seen carrying a real M-16 semi-automatic assault rifle while sitting on a man’s shoulders. The boy has the words “Jerusalem is ours” written on his forehead with face paint, and likewise has a Palestinian flag drawn on his right cheek and the number “53” on a yellow background on his left cheek referring to the 53rd anniversary of “the Launch” of Fatah. The boy and man are both wearing keffiyehs (Arab headdresses) around their necks. In the background yellow Fatah flags are waved by participants in the procession, and on the flags is the Fatah logo that includes a grenade, crossed rifles, and the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.

Intilaqa - "the Launch" refers to the beginning of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.

The terms "peaceful uprising/resistance,” and “popular uprising/resistance" are used by PA leaders at times to refer to peaceful protest and at times to refer to deadly terror attacks and terror waves. For example, ‎Mahmoud Abbas defined as “peaceful popular” the murderous terror during the 2015-2016 ‎terror wave (“The Knife Intifada”), in which 40 people were killed (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded by stabbings, shootings and car ramming attacks: Abbas said: "we want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is."

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