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"Secret Jewish government": We must aid Hitler destroying Jews

Channel 2 TV (Iran)  |

Syrian drama series, broadcast on Al-Manar (Hezbollah), Nov. 2003; Channel 2 TV (Iran), Sept. 2009: Leader of meeting: "We must help Hitler destroy the Jews, because this is the only way to drive the Jews in the countries which haven't been occupied by Hitler, to immigrate to the Promised Land." Member 1: "Isn't there another way to draw them to the Promised Land, other than destruction?" Leader of meeting: "To my sorrow, no. Because there is no Jew living a comfortable life, who would consider coming back here [Land of Israel] unless he is convinced that otherwise he may be destroyed. Let us cooperate to increase the destruction so in the end, we will realize our dream to establish the great empire in the Promised Land." member 2: "We can try to raise donations and help our brothers over there." Leader of meeting: "With the sum of money that Hitler is demanding, we can help ten million Jews emigrate from other countries, instead of the thousands in his [country]." Member 2: "From your words I understand that increasing the number of Jews in the Promised Land is more important than saving the innocent ones in Germany?" Leader of meeting: "Of course, there is no doubt. Any cow in Palestine is more important than the Jews of Germany."