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"Jewish banker" Rothschild instructs sons to rule the world

Channel 2 TV (Iran)  |

Syrian drama series, broadcast on Al-Manar (Hezbollah), Nov. 18, 2003; Channel 2 TV (Iran), Sept. 2009: Rothschild, Jewish banker: "All non-Jewish nations originated from an ass's seed. Rule over them in private and in public. The Lord has honored us, the Jews, with the mission of ruling the world, through money, knowledge, politics, murder, sex, by all means. [The Lord] ordered us to establish a Jewish state. The government's mission is to preserve the Jewish religion and to rule the world, the whole world. You need to cause wars and civil conflicts. I have left each of you a sum of money, that can make you the richest men in the world." Rothschild: "Anselm." Anselm, Rothschild's son: "Yes." Rothschild: "Your role is Germany. Don't let it get out of one war without entering another." Rothschild: "Carl." Carl, Rothschild's son: "Yes." Rothschild: "I want you to use all your genius to harass the Pope and destroy Rome over his head. Now I want you all to swear on the Torah to carry out the Lord's will and rule the world." Son: "I love the Lord and will carry out his will." Sons: "Me too, me too."

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