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Op-ed in official PA daily attacks the US for its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, attacks Israel using antisemitic themes

Excerpt of op-ed by Jordanian journalist Sultan Al-Hattab

Headline: "Have mercy on the PA and stop with the cheap incitement"

"[Hamas government Foreign Minister Mahmoud] Al-Zahar, who has begun to show his face again from within [Palestine], and [exiled Fatah leader Muhammad] Dahlan who is sitting in the oil fields abroad, joined together to attack a wounded animal.
Those spreading exaggerated slogans are multiplying, the talk begins and everyone is expecting [something], but I do not understand – what are they expecting? Are they expecting that [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas will hand over the keys to the PA? And if he does hand them over due to bankruptcy, will he give [the keys] to them? Or do they view the Israeli military regime as an alternative - the same regime that administered the West Bank before the establishment of the PA by way of military orders? All they care about is that it will not be Mahmoud Abbas…
The courageous Palestinian leadership is rejecting the American extortion now, and where are you [Hamas]? Where are your views regarding a practical response - and not through exaggerations and talk? Where is your alternative money for the $370 million that are given by the US? Why don't you gather it first and talk only afterwards? Why aren't you raising initiatives in response to the American administration? Have you recalled your ambassadors from [the US]? Have you made threats regarding trade, money, oil, or relations?

The American administration is now twisting the PA's arm, and the battle of 'who will give way first' has begun. The PA says unanimously: ‘No to the sale of Jerusalem, not for gold and not for billions,’ and it says this while standing on the brink of the abyss. But you are talking as if you are in a movie and think that the blood is ketchup covering the bodies of the young people of the intifada for Jerusalem.
Have mercy on this people, and either help or be silent. One quick glance at the history of the Palestinian struggle is enough to see that few of the Arabs were at its side, and many of the regimes were against it. Read the history and you will see…
Israel is a fascist, colonialist, racist regime – do you understand that? And why aren't you dealing with it face-to-face - before it enters your capital cities and annihilates your people - and also with [the US] the one committing the extortion and who wants Jerusalem in return for the $370 million that he pays to the PA, '[US President Donald] Trump'? Have you not read Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice with the Jewish hero Shylock, and how he wanted to punish a man by removing a pound of flesh from his body because he could not pay him?
They want Jerusalem in return for aid… If [Jerusalem's] people will not defend it, others will defend it, as the other non-Muslim religions and peoples will not allow that it [Jerusalem] fall into the hands of the murderers of the prophets, and the murderers of Jesus in particular…
There is no reason for Mahmoud Abbas' slogan to be 'millions of Martyrs [are marching to Jerusalem],’ and that he will give them as fuel for the new Nazi oven, which Israel inherited from Hitler so that his fire would not go out.
What is required of [Abbas] is to defend the Palestinian people and make all possible miracles in order to prevent the uprooting of this people…

Let Mahmoud Abbas act - and he is the one responsible for his people's cause. Be with him and not against him, give him aid and moral support, and take political positions."

US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel - On Dec. 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and instructed the State Department to begin preparations to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump added that the final borders of Jerusalem will be determined during negotiations.

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