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PLO Official says terrorist prisoners are “freedom prisoners and legitimate fighters,” and “prisoners of a national liberation movement and legal fighters, and not criminal prisoners”

Headline: “Karake: The ‘prisoner execution’ law is Israeli barbarity that gives off a criminal smell”

“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said the fact that the occupation approved the Palestinian prisoner execution law in a first reading (sic., see note below), along with the previous criminal laws that the Israeli Parliament has legislated in the last two years against the prisoners, establishes the Israeli barbarity that gives off a criminal, terrorist, and racist smell…
Karake said that ‘legislating laws of this type is meant to continue to reject the legitimacy of the struggle and the legal legitimacy of the prisoners as prisoners of freedom and legitimate fighters who fought and sacrificed for their land and its independence. These prisoners, according to international law and UN resolutions, are prisoners of a national liberation movement and legal fighters, and not criminal prisoners and criminals as Israel claims.’”

The Israeli Parliament voted in favor of a bill facilitating the death penalty for terrorists in a first reading on Jan. 3, 2018. The bill allows military courts to pass a death sentence with a simple majority of judges as opposed to a unanimous decision. It does not specify that it applies to Arab or Palestinian terrorists only.