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"British PM" blames Jews for all world's disasters

Channel 2 TV (Iran)  |

Syrian drama series, broadcast on Al-Manar (Hezbollah), Nov. 18, 2003; Channel 2 TV (Iran), Sept. 2009: British Prime Minister: "When I was in office [as Britain's PM], I saw that events around the world occur one after the other without any order or goal. [I thought] that they were random. But now I can see that those events from the outside, as a net of conspiracies that are woven and organized in a demonic way, and that those behind this net are the Jews." British Foreign Secretary: "I think it is wrong to blame the Jews for all our disasters. This way [blaming the Jews], we give them more credit than they deserve." British Prime Minister: "No, my friend, no. The Jews are like viruses. It is true that [a virus] is small, but it's the cause of all the world's diseases."