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Op-ed in official PA daily says Israel is “thirsty to spill the blood of the Palestinian people,” claims the desire of a Palestinian to die “for the homeland” is a “right that can only be accepted.”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, a Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “Security guard Liberman’s execution law!”

“After 100 years of British and Israeli occupation, those who are thirsty to spill the blood of the Palestinian people and are working to complete their historical crime and their plan to destroy [the Palestinian people], to commemorate their narrative that is based on racist terms, and to deny [the Palestinian people’s] right to life, are not stopping for a moment…
We cannot help but term the 52 Israeli Parliament members who voted in a first reading in favor of the law to execute the Palestinians who carry out national acts (i.e., terrorists who commit terror attacks) as fools. This is because they, and prime among them [Israeli] Minister of War (sic., Defense) Avigdor Liberman who proposed the law, are either ignoramuses who have not yet understood the significance of our [sense of] belonging and the significance of the sacrifice for the homeland – and this is natural among settlers and invaders who left their original homelands and came full of occupation and settlement aspirations – or else they are simply conceited and arrogant…
We wish the national fighter nothing but life, so that he will be able to see for himself the era of freedom and independence to which he has dedicated his life. However, what these foreigners who have no connection whatsoever to the land of Palestine do not understand is that the fighter, while wishing himself, his children, and his people a dignified life, takes into account the possibility that he will be forced to sacrifice his soul and blood for the homeland. The fighter believes in destiny, and for him death – if fate so desires – is a right that can only be accepted.”