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Fatah Spokesman: selling or transferring land to Israelis “constitutes a serious betrayal of the homeland, religion, values, and morals”

Headline: “Fatah: Selling or transferring lands and real estate to the occupation is a betrayal of the homeland and religion”

“Fatah Movement Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said that selling, transferring, or aiding in actions of transferring real estate in all its types to the occupying Israelis constitutes a serious betrayal of the homeland, religion, values, and morals.
In a statement yesterday [Jan. 8, 2018], Al-Qawasmi demanded to completely denounce the mediators and merchants of lands to the occupation from our society at the organizational and tribal level, and to renounce them at the familial level. This is along with arresting and putting on trial those who sold their souls for disgrace and shame that will pursue them until the end of their lives.
Al-Qawasmi praised the [PA] Security Forces who are fighting the transfer of real estate and lands for the benefit of the Israeli occupation.”