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PA Ministry of Information: Taylor Force Act is “political blackmail and robbery”

“The [PA] Ministry of Information… emphasized that the discussions in the American circles regarding what is called the ‘Taylor Force’ Act to deduct our prisoners’ allowances (mukhassasat) from our tax money (sic., the Taylor Force Act calls to cut US aid to the PA until it stops paying terrorist salaries) constitutes political blackmail and robbery, which mixes with the lack of objectivity of American Comptroller General [Eugene] Louis Dodaro who is working against our schoolbooks and accusing us of incitement (sic., the result of Dodaro’s investigation has not yet been published; see note below).”

At the request of Senator James Risch, US Comptroller General Gene Dodaro launched an American investigation in January 2017 of UNRWA schoolbooks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip looking for terror incitement and Antisemitism. The results of the probe are expected in February or March 2018.

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