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Abbas: Europeans “wanted to get rid of the Jews to benefit from them in our land”

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a speech to PLO Central Council:
"There is an important matter – the Jews' immigration [to Palestine]. The Jews did not want to immigrate, not even because of killing, slaughter. They did not want to immigrate. Even during the Holocaust that took place, they did not immigrate [to Palestine]. They did not immigrate... [Theodor] Herzl (i.e., founder of modern Zionism) used to say: 'Antisemitism is the engine of Zionism. The more antisemitic a person is the more beneficial he is to us because he advances the Zionist goal by expelling the Jews.' They [the Europeans] wanted to get rid of the Jews there for their reasons and to benefit from them in our land - killing two birds with one stone."
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