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Abbas favors peaceful path to reach agreement with Israel, says to PLO Council that he has no weapons, suggests sarcastically that those who favor war leave him alone and go do as they wish

Official PA TV, live broadcast of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the 28th meeting of the PLO Central Council

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “We also always say that we adhere to negotiations as a way to reach a political arrangement with the Israelis. In other words, we do not want war. We will not call for a military war between us and Israel.
OK, whoever has [weapons], should do it – I say so to everyone. (Abbas turns to a man in the audience:) Abbas, you have weapons, act. (Audience is laughing.) I’m with you, I’ll help you. Whoever has weapons should act. Me, I don't have weapons. I want the political path, the peaceful path (stresses “peaceful path” -Ed.) in order to reach an arrangement. (Some applause) The supporters of peace are few (sparse applause), the rest are advocates of war.”