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Fatah praises former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for ordering a bombing attack on Israel in 1991

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information, Culture, and Ideology

Posted text:
“On this exact date [Jan. 17], late Martyr (Shahid) praised leader [former Iraqi President] Saddam Hussein bombed the Zionist entity

‘In the name of All Merciful Allah
Brigadier General Hazem Abd Al-Razzaq, greetings,
With Allah’s blessings begin attacking the targets within the criminal Zionist entity with the heaviest possible fire, along with the need to be careful not to be exposed and to carry out the attacks with the regular conventional missile arsenal. Continue firing until further notice.
Saddam Hussein, Jan. 17, 1991’


The image shows a copy of the document of Hussein’s order to attack Israel that is quoted in the posted text.

Saddam Hussein - former President of Iraq, who was convicted by an Iraqi court and executed in 2006 for ordering the Dujail massacre in Iraq in which 148 people were murdered. In order to expedite his execution, it was decided not to prosecute him for other crimes he committed.