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Fatah event in honor of Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, who smuggled weapons to Palestinian terrorists, held under the auspices of Abbas

Headline: “Marking the first anniversary of the death of Archbishop of Jerusalem fighter Hilarion Capucci”

“The Fatah Movement Commission for Arab and China Relations yesterday evening, Wednesday [Jan. 17, 2018], marked the first anniversary of the death of [Greek Catholic] Archbishop of Jerusalem fighter Hilarion Capucci (i.e., smuggled weapons to terrorists), under the auspices of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas.
[Fatah] Commissioner for Arab and China Relations and Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki emphasized that the late Capucci lived his life as a self-sacrificing fighter in the struggle for Jerusalem and bore it in his heart on his path to glory…
[Zaki noted that Capucci] was the most outstanding fighter in the stage of the armed struggle…
He said: ‘Today, on the first anniversary of his death, we have the privilege to call him “Prince of the Patriarchs.” He bore a message of justice, love, and peace in his heart, and united Muslim and Christian clergy. He was the common denominator of all those who love peace.’”

Hilarion Capucci – former Greek Catholic Archbishop of Jerusalem who exploited his status as a religious leader to smuggle weapons to Palestinian terrorists. He was arrested in 1974 and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was released in 1977 due to the Vatican’s intervention. In October 2013, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarded him the Star of Jerusalem Medal. Capucci died on Jan. 1, 2017.