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Palestinian “Martyr” actively sought his own death: “I have decided to die as a Martyr”

Maurice Hirsch, Adv. and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Palestinian “Martyr” actively sought his own death,
parted with relatives the day before he died:
“I’m sick of life... I have decided to die as a Martyr”

By Maurice Hirsch, Adv. and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Since his death on 15. Dec. 2017, Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a 29-year-old former member of the PA Presidential Security Force 17 who lost both his legs and moved around in a wheelchair, has become another Palestinian “Martyr” and hero.
After his death, the Palestinian and international media were quick to blame Israel. However, interviews given by his brother and mother after his death suggest a different conclusion: That Abu Thuraya had decided and actively sought to die.
While the exact circumstances of Abu Thuraya’s death remain unclear, his brother and mother have explained that he parted with them the day before his death, telling them he was “sick of life” and had “decided to die as a Martyr.” 
Abu Thuraya’s brother: “Two days ago [Dec. 14, 2017], when my brother sat to eat with us, he said to me: ‘Forgive me, this is the last night that you will see me. You too, mother, forgive me. You too, my brothers, forgive me.’ He kissed my father’s hand and foot and said to him: ‘Forgive me, if I behaved badly to you, forgive me. This is it. This is the last night you are seeing me. My father, I have decided to die as a Martyr (Shahid) because I am sick of life. This is it, I have no legs left, nothing is left. This is it, I want to die and rest from [this] life.’”
[Ruptly (RT), Dec. 16, 2017]

Abu Thuraya’s mother: “Praise Allah, he [Ibrahim] achieved Martyrdom and I’m proud of him. By Allah, he has made us proud. He wasn’t married. He wanted to marry, but I didn’t have the means to marry him off. He will marry dark-eyed virgins in Paradise... He said goodbye to us and left, saying, "I want to die as a Martyr. This is it, I intend to die as a Martyr, farewell. Mother, take care of yourself. You have diabetes and high blood pressure. You’re going to be the mother of a Martyr and I will pray for you up above." Praise Allah, he achieved what he wanted. He is [now] really a groom. His scent is musk.”
[Facebook page of the Palestinian Information Center, Dec. 17, 2017]
It should be noted that after the incident the IDF conducted a preliminary inquiry that found that during the demonstration "No live fire was aimed at Abu Thuraya... It is impossible to determine whether Abu Thuraya was injured as a result of riot dispersal means, or what caused his death." [Statement of IDF Spokesman, 18 Dec. 2017]
Requests by the IDF to receive additional information from the Palestinians were not answered.
Palestinian Media Watch has exposed similar statements by Palestinian terrorists who declared their wish to seek "Martyrdom,"  as well as the expression of joy by parents when their children “achieved” it.