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Why aren`t Palestinian children taught the truth about Arab refugees in 1948?

Why aren't Palestinian children taught the truth about Arab refugees in 1948?  Mahmoud Abbas admitted that he and the Arabs of Safed left of their own accord in 1948.  But PA TV teaches children: "Mahmoud Abbas’ family was forced to leave"

Interview with Mahmoud Abbas:  "The [Arab] Liberation Army retreated from the city [Safed in 1948], causing the [Arab] people to begin emigrating. In Safed, just like Hebron, people were afraid that the Jews would take revenge for the [Arab] massacre [of Jews] in 1929. The 1929 massacre was most severe in Safed and Hebron (Note: 65 Jews were killed in Hebron, 18 in Safed)... The people [of Safed in 1948] were overcome with fear, and it caused them to leave the city in a disorderly way."
[Official PA TV, Jan. 1, 2013]

PA lying to its own children:
Official PA TV host:
"If you want to know more about the President Mahmoud Abbas stay with us..."
Official PA TV narrator: "Mahmoud Abbas did not know [in 1948] that the occupation would suddenly enter his land and steal from him, his family, and his friends all of their dreams, their homes, and their lands... In 1948, Mahmoud Abbas’ family was forced to leave the country because the country was under the rule of the occupation gangs at the time. His father and big brothers attempted to defend themselves with weapons, but in the end they could do nothing but leave in order to protect the life of the child Mahmoud [Abbas] and his brothers."
[Official PA TV, Jan. 20, 2018]

Why aren't Palestinian children taught the truth?
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