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District Governor of Jenin conveys Abbas’ condolences to family of slain terrorist

Headline: "The district governor of Jenin expresses condolences over the death of Martyr Ahmed Ismail Jarrar"
      "District Governor of Jenin Ibrahim Ramadan expressed condolences this evening (Saturday) [Jan. 20, 2018] over the death of Martyr (Shahid) Ahmed Ismail Jarrar to the Jarrar family in Wadi Burqin, accompanied by several [PA] Security Force commanders…
The district governor conveyed the condolences of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas to the Martyr's family, and prayed to Almighty Allah that he let Martyr Jarrar dwell in Paradise, and give his family and relatives patience and comfort.
The district governor condemned the aggression and terror that the occupation army carried out in Jenin on the night that Jarrar died as a Martyr, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. He emphasized that the acts of the occupation forces will not dissuade us from continuing the struggle until the establishment of the State of Palestine whose capital is Jerusalem."

Ahmed Ismail Jarrar – Palestinian terrorist who was a member of the terror cell led by Ahmed Nasr Jarrar that murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach in a drive-by shooting on Jan. 9, 2018, near Havat Gilad, in the Nablus area. On Jan. 18, 2018, Jarrar and two other accomplices resisted arrest and opened fire on Israeli soldiers in Jenin, and Jarrar was shot and killed.