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Unrepentant released prisoner: “The rifle was and remains solely [for use] against the occupation”

Official PA TV show Giants of Endurance, on the need for Palestinian unification against Israel under the leadership of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, hosting former Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Abu Rizq

Official PA TV host: "Tell us about your reception in which they did not shoot [in the air in joy]. There was a decision of the family itself that 'We do not want shooting in the air there.' Tell us about the matter while we are in this [Balata refugee] camp."

Former Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Abu Rizq: "There was a difficult decision for me and my dear family and close friends. There was communication with some of the brothers, members of the [Fatah] Central Committee, and members of the [Fatah] Revolutionary Council. And we also had a true desire that the reception would be official. A reception where the governor would be present together with commanders of the security forces, and any brother that could be present – welcome. We worked as much as possible to make a genuine change of high quality there and so that there would be a genuine reception that inspires pride among the people…
We were and still are proud of this phenomenon [of receptions without shooting]. We are struggling so that this will be repeated with many prisoners, and also in joyous events and all of the celebratory events, as the rifle was and remains solely [for use] against the occupation."

Caption on screen: "Released prisoner Muhammad Abu Rizq"