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Released Palestinian prisoner claims Israel has policy of “deliberate medical neglect” towards the prisoners; some prisoners are studying for academic degrees

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on Palestinian prisoners, hosting released prisoner Muhammad Abu Rizq, who served a 13 year sentence in an Israeli prison

Released Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Abu Rizq: "Unfortunately, my sister, there is a policy of deliberate medical neglect by the Israeli Prison Service. There are no expert doctors there to take care of the prisoners, and in addition, there are a number of prisoners that unfortunately suffer from chronic diseases, and there is no treatment except for painkillers that God forbid cause death, and they are not provided with complete and full medicine. Non-diagnosis of diseases exacerbates the diseases among the prisoners, and therefore we demand that the official and unofficial organizations bring expert doctors into the [Israeli] prisons in order to check [the prisoners] and give them the full treatment that they want… We have succeeded in turning the prisons into a revolutionary academy that turns out fighters and academics - there has been a rise in the level of the guidance within the prisons, full praise to Allah, in addition to Al-Quds Open University that we honor and appreciate. There has been learning there and it still continues; a number of prisoners are in third and fourth semesters and are preparing for a fifth semester… Through will and hope we have been able to overcome the will of the jailor [Israel] and its Nazi ideas, and how it is trying as hard as possible to empty the [Palestinian] prisoners of their energy and the content of their struggle."