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PA daily editorial accuses Israel and US of racism, calls VP Pence “crazy”

Excerpt of an editorial of the official PA daily

Headline: “What a democracy!”
     “The Israeli democracy of oppression and racism made US Vice President [Mike] Pence happy when it forcibly removed the Arab members of the Israeli Parliament – who were protesting Pence’s visit and his [US] President [Donald] Trump’s decision to recognize Palestinian and Arab Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – from the Israeli Parliament plenum! (After they disrupted Pence's speech; see note below –Ed.)
What is more, Pence, who is apparently worth his name in Arabic (a play on “pence,” a plural form of penny –Ed.), declared his absolute bias in favor of this democracy when he described the removal of the [Arab] members of the Israeli Parliament with such arbitrariness as democracy! […]
Truthfully, the Israeli Parliament meeting, which was held in order to honor the US vice president, was nothing more than a meeting of baring teeth and racist arrogance…
The US is today forming the alliance of baring teeth and arrogance against the Palestinian people with Israel and the racist and extremist right-wing. Through this exclusionary democracy… [the US] is striving to realize the plans of this evil alliance… With the same arrogance and baring teeth, Pence declares that peace is more possible now after Trump’s decision on Jerusalem! On this matter we say to Pence what the people of our country say: ‘A crazy person speaks and an intelligent person listens.’ What peace is possible, Vice President Pence, without Jerusalem being the capital of the State of Palestine? […]
The racism of the occupation and its ally the US will not be a decree of fate under any circumstances… We are standing firm on our land and resisting until the defeat of the occupation and all of its aggressive plans, in order to establish the free and independent State of Palestine whose capital is East Jerusalem, with a fair solution to the problem of the refugees.”
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During US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech before the Israeli Parliament on Jan. 22, 2018, the Arab members of the Israeli Parliament disrupted his speech by waving posters showing a picture of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock with the following text in English and Arabic: “Jerusalem is The Capital of Palestine.” They were quickly removed from the plenum. Raising signs of any kind in the plenum is against the rules of the House.

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