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Fatah post praises terrorist who planned Munich Massacre as a “heroic commander”

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch

Posted text:
“Thirty-nine years since the death as a Martyr (Shahid) of the Red Prince [Ali Hassan Salameh] (i.e., a commander of the Black September terror organization), the son of Martyr Hassan Salameh
The Information Office of [Fatah’s] Nablus Branch
On Jan. 22, 1979, heroic commander Ali Hassan Salameh, who merited the nickname the Red Prince, died as a Martyr when the Zionist intelligence assassinated him in Beirut…
Abu Hassan settled down in Beirut in 1970 and received the command over the special operations against the Zionist intelligence in the world. He and his people were accused of killing a Mossad (i.e., Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) captain… in Brussels and sending explosive envelopes from Amsterdam to many Mossad agents in the capitals of Europe, in response to the attack launched by the Mossad against senior Palestinian officials, …and his name was also linked to the famous Munich operation (i.e., Munich Olympics massacre).”

The image shows terrorist Ali Hassan Salameh with former PLO and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat.
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Ali Hassan Salameh (son of Hassan Salameh, born 1940, killed Jan. 22, 1979, also called Abu Hassan) - Commander of operations in Europe of the Black September terror organization, a secret branch of Fatah. He planned many terror attacks, including the attack on the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics in 1972, in which 11 Israeli athletes were murdered. (Deception p. 260)

Hassan Salameh - was a leader of Arab gangs in the Lod and Jaffa region in the 1930s and 1940s. He was a loyal follower of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who spent WW2 in Berlin and was an active supporter of the Nazi war effort. In 1941 Salameh was recruited to be a Nazi agent and in 1944 he was sent on a mission by the Nazis in the British Mandate of Palestine, whose goals were to start an Arab revolt against the British and to poison Tel Aviv's water sources. The plot was discovered by the British before damage was caused. In 1947, Salameh was appointed by the Mufti as Deputy Commander of the "Holy Jihad" Army that fought Israel in the 1948 War of Independence. In June 1948, he was killed in a battle in the Rosh HaAyin region.

The Munich Olympics massacre - a terrorist attack perpetrated by the Palestinian terror organization Black September, a secret branch of Fatah, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, in which they murdered 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team.

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