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Official PA radio upset by PMW reports, accuses PMW of "incitement campaign" and “tricky Zionist discourse”

PMW has repeatedly exposed incitement to violence on official PA radio. See here and here for examples

Headline: "The Voice of Palestine: Our coverage will continue despite the Israeli incitement against us"
"Director-General of [the official PA radio station] The Voice of Palestine Bassam Daghlas said that 'The incitement campaign that the Israeli center Palestinian Media Watch is waging against The Voice of Palestine radio station is not the first case, as it has been subject to similar attacks in the past.' … He also emphasized that 'Our media message is clear and will not change, and if they consider playing national songs incitement, they can think what they want. We will continue in our work to convey what is happening on the ground and our full and comprehensive media coverage of events, whether in the Palestinian territories or by monitoring everything related to the members of our people abroad.'
In the same context, the [PA] Ministry of Information… said yesterday [Jan. 24, 2018] in a statement that the repeated claims of the Israeli center [PMW] are a part of the deceptive Zionist discourse - that is full of incitement and that is the sole sponsor of terror and the ugly racism – and [that PMW’s claims] are a broken and worn out record."
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