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PA says Hamas responsible for harm to patients

Headline: "Health [Ministry] holds Hamas responsible for damage to cardiac catheterization machines in Gaza and for resulting harm to patients."
"The [Palestinian Authority] Health Ministry yesterday held Hamas responsible for what happened to cardiac catheterization patients in Gaza following its dismissal of the Head of the Cardiac Catheterization Department and the Director of Maintenance.
[Ed. - Article goes on to record Palestinian Health Ministry's detailing of how Hamas in Gaza persecutes, detains and dismisses senior, experienced health and medical personnel, for political reasons.]
In his announcement, Director of Public Relations and Information [in the Health Ministry], Dr. Umar Al-Nasser, held Hamas fully responsible for the breakdown of the cardiac catheterization device at the European [Gaza] Hospital, after [Hamas] dismissed the head of the hospital's Cardiac Catheterization Department, replacing him with one of its [own] personnel, as well as dismissing the Director of Engineering and Maintenance, causing the failure of the instrument owing to lack of knowledge and neglect, and improper use of the machine and its maintenance."