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UK MPs use PMW material to defend Israel

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UK MPs use PMW material to defend Israel
Just two weeks after British MPs met with the Head of PMW’s Legal Department Maurice Hirsch, the MPs were actively using the PMW material in Parliament to defend Israel.


On Feb. 7, 2018, Parliament held a debate initiated to criticize Israel for alleged cases in which the Israeli Military arrested and detained Palestinian children. Three MPs spoke out on behalf of Israel, explaining why the Palestinian children were involved in violence necessitating their arrests, citing PMW material.





Labour MP Joan Ryan explained that while the Palestinian children’s plight is important - she countered citing PMW material that it was the PA itself that was inciting the children to hatred, Antisemitism, violence, and terror glorification, by naming schools after terrorists, naming sports events after terrorists, teaching Antisemitism on PA official TV and more. MP Joan Ryan even displayed an image from PMW’s bulletin regarding Fatah’s guide to stone throwing for children.





“None of that is to suggest that the plight of Palestinian children in the tragic conflict there is not important, but we must make clear our deep and continuing concern at the Palestinian Authority’s policy of inciting violence - a policy which intentionally is aimed at children and young people. We see it in the manner which schools and sports tournaments are named after terrorists [exposed by PMW]; We see it in the newly revised curriculum, which asks students to calculate the number of martyrs in Palestinian uprisings as a maths exercise; and we see it in the countless examples of Antisemitism which litter children’s TV programs on official PA TV [exposed by PMW].  We must register our deep and continuing concern that the Palestinian leadership’s attempt to recruit children into committing acts of violence. 
In December, Fatah posted to its Twitter account this photo of a young boy hurling rocks with a slingshot [exposed by PMW], together with a guide as how best to throw a rock. 

Let's remember Yehuda Haim Shoham, one year-old Jonathan Palmer, and three-year-old Adele Biton were all killed as a result of stones being thrown at cars they were travelling in.”



Labour MP Louise Ellman likewise referred repeatedly to the PMW material on Palestinian children to counter those MPs trying to place blame on Israel, specifically cited PMW bulletin’s documenting the PA children’s magazine that claimed that “Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews” and to PMW’s exposure of Antisemitism on the PA children's program, The Best Home:





“...The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be resolved only by direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians -not by the Palestinian Authority’s inciting young people to hate and kill, as is happening on the West Bank today. Indeed, such incitement is specifically in breach of the Geneva conventions.


Such violence has been encouraged by the Palestinian leadership, in direct contravention of the Geneva convention, which specifically prohibits the recruitment and involvement of children in terrorist activities. Fatah recently tweeted a practical guide [exposed by PMW] to show young people how to throw rocks, euphemistically called “stones.” And this has resulted in the murder of young people, including Yehuda Haim Shoham, aged five months.
The Palestinian authorities incite hatred towards Jews and Israelis. 
The Palestinian youth magazine Zayzafuna's October issue claimed that Muhammad sanctifies the throwing of rocks at Jews [exposed by PMW]
. Terrorists are glorified.
One PA TV program, The Best Home in May 2015, in that, a girl recited a poem calling Jews “barbaric monkeys who murdered Allah’s pious prophets [exposed by PMW].” 
However, the answer is to negotiate peace, not to glorify hatred and violence by telling young people and children that murdering Israelis is justified resistance.”


Conservative MP Ross Thomson likewise defended Israeli based on numerous PMW bulletins that have exposed the PA’s naming of schools after terrorists, the PA’s payment of salaries to terrorists and the PA’s denial of history and of Israel’s right to exist:



“The Palestinian Authority-not Hamas, but the so-called moderates in the Palestinian Authority- 
name schools after terrorists, give them honours and pay them monthly salaries. At the same time, they delegitimise the existence of the state of Israel and the Jewish presence in the region, and deny the Jewish connection to much of the region's history.


Let us also call for the Palestinian Authority to stop honouring terrorists and build a society where children are less easily radicalised.”
[House of Commons,, Feb. 7, 2018]
PMW will continue to supply MPs and governments around the world with authentic material documenting the Palestinian Authority's incitement of its own children to hatred, violence and Martyrdom seeking, which is the fundamental reason for Palestinian children’s involvement in violence. This violence is what necessitates the arrest of those minors.

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