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Expert on PA TV: “Fascist” Israel wants to transfer “the salaries of those who carry out operations (i.e., terror attacks)“ to aid “the victims of what he calls ‘terror’”

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, review of Israeli press with PA TV Israeli affairs expert Fayez Abbas

PA TV Israeli Affairs Expert Fayez Abbas:
“[Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor] Liberman’s bill, a bill that only a fascist Israeli mentality could think up: The salaries of those who carry out operations (i.e., terror attacks) – the prisoners, of course – will be transferred to a fund to aid the victims of what he calls ‘terror’ (see note below –Ed.). According to the bill, money in the amount that is paid to the prisoners, wounded, and families of the Martyrs (Shahids) will be deducted from the Palestinian tax income, and will be transferred to Israeli institutions. The amount reaches 1.2 billion shekels per year.”

On Feb. 11, 2018, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation was slated to review a bill proposed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense that would deduct the amount of money the PA pays terrorists and their families from the tax money Israel collects for the PA. The bill would enable the deducted money to be used for infrastructure benefitting all West Bank residents, compensation awarded to terror victims in lawsuits against the PA or individual terrorists, and projects aimed at eliminating terror.

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