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PLO official: “We will continue to support and aid the families of the Martyrs, wounded, and prisoners… Israel is the largest terror state in the Middle East… our prisoners are prisoners of freedom”

Headline: “Karake: The law deducting the allowances (mukhassasat) of the prisoners, Martyrs, and wounded is robbery and aggression against our people”
        “Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake emphasized in a statement that: ‘We will not submit to the Israeli financial extortion and the pressures that it is exerting against our people through racist and unfair laws, the most recent of which was a bill to confiscate the Palestinian tax money due to the support for the families of the Martyrs (Shahids), prisoners, and wounded (a bill to deduct PA salaries to terrorists from tax money collected by Israel for the PA; see note below –Ed.). We will continue to support and aid the families of the Martyrs, wounded, and prisoners, the victims of the Israeli occupation and its ongoing crimes.’
He said that regardless of the amount of the PA’s financial resources, we will not abandon our prisoners, our Martyrs, and our wounded, and the Israeli laws do not obligate us and do not affect the continued social and financial aid to the families of the prisoners, Martyrs, and wounded.
Karake explained that what the occupation government is committing is financial robbery and open theft of the Palestinian people’s money and resources, which opposes international laws and norms.
He also said: ‘We will not submit to the Israeli goals that strive for the criminalization of our people’s struggle and its definition as terror. Israel is the largest terror state in the Middle East that is stealing the rights of another people, while our prisoners are prisoners of freedom and legitimate resistance fighters according to the UN resolutions and international conventions (apparently refers to UN Resolution 3236; see note below –Ed.).’ Karake noted that Israel is one of the largest funders and encouragers of terror in the region, which provides immunity to criminals and pays high salaries to Jewish criminals who committed crimes against Palestine, (sic., Israel does not pay salaries to Jewish terrorists –Ed.) and also provides them with legal and social defense.”

On Feb. 11, 2018, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation was slated to review a bill proposed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense that would deduct the amount of money the PA pays imprisoned terrorists and families of “Martyrs” from the tax money Israel collects for the PA.

UN Resolution 3236 - PA leaders and officials have legitimized Palestinian violence by quoting UN resolution 3236 which "recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to regain its rights by all means." The PA interprets "all means" as including violence against civilians, but has chosen to ignore the continuation of the resolution which states that the use of "all means" should be "in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations..." The UN Charter prohibits targeting civilians, even in war. Chapter 1, Article 1, opens by saying that "international disputes" should be resolved "by peaceful means."