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PA Deputy Education Minister: Israel is attacking the Palestinian curriculum, by claiming that it educates kids to hate

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on Israeli opposition to the PA school curriculum, hosting PA Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Basri Saleh

PA Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Basri Saleh: “We have witnessed attacks since the first day the national curriculum began with us in 2000. These attacks have continued, and they also have always had political goals that strive to harm the Palestinian political rule and the Palestinian people, and to sully the name of the Palestinian education system – as you said – with the claim that the system educates the Palestinian children to hate, and also attempts to sow within them something that could lead them to terror in the future, and that it also attempts to erase from the map that which is called ‘Israel,’ or what they think needs to be clear in the minds of the Palestinians, and likewise other topics that have been really prominent in all the reports that the Israelis have presented to the world, and through which they have attempted to spread this biased propaganda against the Palestinian education system in general, and against the conduct of the teachers… They are attempting as much as possible to present a fake picture, while completely ignoring how they are poisoning their own children.”