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PA TV showcases PA Security Forces official cartoonist, who calls Israel “Nazi in all of its methods” and depicts Israel as bloodthirsty and murderous

Official PA TV program Artist, hosting PA Security Forces cartoonist Osama Nazzal

PA Security Forces cartoonist Osama Nazzal: “(Nazzal recounts that Israeli soldiers raided his family’s house on March 23, 2017 –Ed.) The message was clear from the Israeli occupation [when soldiers raided my family’s house and my studio] – that it is a racist occupation, it is Nazi in all of its methods, and it oppresses and does not accept the other. This sight remains with me unchanged to this moment.”

Text on screen: “Osama Nazzal, Palestinian cartoonist born in Kuwait in 1982. Lives in Ramallah, has a bachelor’s degree in modern v isual art from the K HIO Academy of the Arts in Oslo. He currently works in the Palestinian [PA] National Security [Forces]”
Text on screen: “Arrested in 2005 and sentenced to 6 and a half years”
Text on screen: “Osama Nazzal, cartoonist”

Nazzal wearing a PA Security Forces uniform, working at his computer. Cartoons he drew hang on the wall behind him.

PA Security Forces cartoonist Osama Nazzal: “As a soldier in the [PA Security Forces] establishment with talent in the art of cartoons, my reputation became known to the heads of this institution, especially to Major-General Nidal Abu Dukhan – that I have a bachelor’s in this art and that I have talent, experience… Major-General Nidal Abu Dukhan immediately allowed me to be the right man in the right place. He immediately put me in the public relations and communications division… My field is given expression within communications, particularly within the security establishment of the [PA] National Security Forces.”

Visual: A number of cartoons drawn by PA Security Forces cartoonist Osama Nazzal are shown on screen.

The complete cartoon shows two Israeli soldiers with long noses, Israeli flags on their shoulders, and Stars of David on their helmets, standing at what appears to be a checkpoint and ordering dogs that are shaped like assault rifles to attack Palestinians, who are lying bleeding on the ground.

The cartoon shows a large crocodile with a Star of David on it representing Israel. The crocodile’s mouth is open and in it are the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque representing Jerusalem. An Arab man wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress) is holding the mouth of the crocodile open to protect the buildings from being swallowed.

The cartoon shows a spider with a Star of David on it representing Israel weaving a spider’s web over a key hole, which symbolizes the “return” of the Palestinian refugees.

The cartoon shows US President Donald Trump showing former US President Barack Obama out of the White House, with Obama walking to his taxi that is loaded with a suitcase and a donkey, the symbol of the Democratic party. A red Nazi flag is seen waving over the White House, with the letter “T” for “Trump” taking the place of the swastika.

The cartoon shows an Israeli soldier with a grotesquely large nose, a Star of David on his helmet, and a smoking assault rifle on his back holding a bucket of white paint and a paint brush. Lying before him is a bleeding Palestinian whom he apparently just shot, who is outlined in white paint in the shape of a knife. The cartoon apparently refers to Palestinian accusations that Israel “fabricates” Palestinian stabbing attacks.

The cartoon shows a masked terrorist dressed in black and an Israeli soldier with a grotesquely large nose and Star of David on his helmet standing with their arms around each other’s shoulders. The hands of the two are dripping with blood. Bloodstains track back to the Eiffel Tower in the case of the terrorist –referring to ISIS terror attacks in France, and to the Dome of the Rock in the case of the Israeli soldier.