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PA TV commentator denies Jewish history in Israel, and compares denial of Palestinian refugees to Holocaust denial

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on Jews having no history in “Palestine,” with PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Fayez Abbas

PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Fayez Abbas reading from Israeli newspaper: “[Israeli Minister of Education] Naftali Bennett: ‘A people that invents the past has no future.’”
Official PA TV host: “Who is inventing the past?”
Fayez Abbas: “[Bennett:] 'The Palestinian people and leadership that are inventing the past, who were in those lands.' It seems that Naftali Bennett’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather lived here. At the most, his father came from Poland, at the most. Should those who have no history and no past- it is all false fables about the Land of Israel and Abraham, that he is their father and grandfather, and their grandmother Sarah. It is all a big lie. [Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor] Liberman: ‘[PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas’ words on the issue’- no, [Israeli Member of Parliament Yair] Lapid, Lapid, Yair Lapid. Look, look at the height of- such despicableness. If there was something stronger than despicableness [I would use it]. [Lapid:] ‘Mahmoud Abbas’ words regarding the refugees are a lie. There are not and were not millions of Palestinian refugees (Lapid criticized how the world allows only Palestinians to inherit refugee status –Ed.). Israel will not agree to the right of return.’ Six million refugees in the diaspora. What, Yair Lapid? You don’t want to recognize us? You have never recognized [us].”
Host: “Just a moment, who is the one who falsifies history?”
Fayez Abbas: “Him, them, they falsify history. It’s as if someone would come and say: ‘There was no Holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany. Six million Jews were not killed in Germany. That is a big lie, Yair Lapid.’ – And he is the one that deals with these [Holocaust] issues the most. Yair Lapid, six million Palestinian refugees. You and your father are responsible for this tragedy from which the Palestinian people has been suffering for the last 70 years – enough lying! Enough lying to your own people. In other words, it is all baseless talk… How is it possible to laugh about these things? Unfortunately, many of the Jews believe him and are convinced by these words, by this lie. (speaking as if Lapid:) ‘President Mahmoud Abbas who spoke about the refugees lied; he is a liar.’ Your father is a liar and your forefathers are liars, Yair Lapid. Go and see in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, in Gaza – see the refugee camps that are next to you. There are no refugees, huh? There is no Holocaust of Jews! What do you think?”