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Palestinian terrorist prisoners continue academic studies in Israeli prisons

Headline: “Karake: A thousand Palestinian prisoners have joined the Palestinian universities”
      “With the participation of Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake, Head of the Al-Quds Open University branch in Nablus Dr. Yusuf Dhiab, Acting Head of the An-Najah National University Dr. Maher Al-Natsheh, Deputy President for Academic Affairs at An-Najah University Dr. Muhammad Al-Amleh, the academic staff, the student council, the [Fatah] Shabiba [Student] Movement, the prisoners’ families, and the staffs of the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ [Affairs], a graduation ceremony was held for prisoner Haitham Jamal Ali Daoud, who was arrested in 2002, sentenced to 28 years, and completed a degree in journalism from An-Najah National University (PMW was unable to find details regarding Daoud’s crimes –Ed.)…
During the ceremony Karake said: ‘A thousand Palestinian prisoners who are in the prisons have joined the Palestinian universities,’ and added that an academic revolution is taking place in the prisons that is defying all of the types of isolation and limitations and the difficult conditions that the prisoners are experiencing. He also thanked the [PA] Palestinian Council for Higher Education, the heads of the Palestinian universities, and [PA] Minister of Education [Sabri Saidam] for the cooperation and aid to the prisoners in completing their university studies in the prisons…
It should be noted that the program for training the prisoners in the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs signed agreements with the Palestinian universities in order to enable the prisoner students in the prisons to complete their studies, and this is through committees within the prisons that supervise the study process. This is in addition to an agreement that was signed with the [PA] Ministry of Education four years ago, which enables the prisoners within the prisons – to whom the conditions of the agreement apply – to complete their high school studies.”
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