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Abbas maintains conclusion from controversial doctoral thesis, on the “secret connections between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement”

Official PA TV program The Philosophy of Patience, on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ doctoral thesis

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: "I finished university and obtained [a degree] in law, and afterward I received a doctorate from Moscow from the Institute of Oriental Studies [of the Soviet Academy of Sciences] in a surprising subject, for which I am insulted to this day in Israel. It is the secret connections between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement.
How? What? What happened? Actually, I examined it in depth and reached the conclusion that there was close cooperation that began in 1933 and did not end in 1946. What is called economic and human cooperation that is connected to the expulsion of the Jews. This is firm and there is no dispute about it (sic., many have disputed and debunked the claims of Nazi-Zionist collusion). From here– this is one of the books for which I got a doctorate, and I had no choice but to explain myself through ideas that I want to suggest, and I wrote 20 books about the Zionist movement. This has no connection– it was published, all of these books were published. Afterward I began to write history, our history. This history cannot be published as I wrote it in a realistic manner. In other words, I mean that I wrote down everything that happened, without flattering anyone. What happened - we did this, and what happened - I spoke about it. I have written 70 books, but they have not been published."

PA Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Dr. Ziyad Abu Omar: "His books about the Zionist movement and its connections to Nazism are considered among the most important Arab books that have been written on this subject, and it could be that they are among the most important books in the world, as he investigated this in a precise academic manner, and no one can refute what arises from it. Even when he was attacked by the Israeli side, they could not prove any deviation from the academic standards in the preparation of this book."

Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner of Treasury and Economy Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh: "The first one that noticed the type of connection with the Israeli side was Mahmoud Abbas, and when [PLO member] Issam Sartawi began to have contact with the Israelis and was attacked in the [Palestinian] National Council (i.e., the legislative body of the PLO), Mahmoud Abbas stood and decisively defended Issam Sartawi and silenced all the voices of criticism. Why? Because Mahmoud Abbas, as one who wrote about Zionism and in his research for his doctorate at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, discovered that Israeli society is not a homogenous society, it is a non-homogenous society – there are Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Ethiopians, Yemenites, Arab Jews, rich, poor, etc. - and therefore if we want to come in contact with this society, we must shake it from within and we must increase the distance between the parts of the mosaic of which Israeli society is comprised."