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PA Prime Minister claims "there is a monetary and political blockade" imposed by the US, and that the PA has not received aid from the US in two years

Official PA TV News, on the Palestinians being unwilling to trade their principles for financial support

Official PA TV newsreader: “[PA] Prime Minister [Rami Hamdallah] emphasized that the leadership is withstanding political and financial pressures that the US has been exerting on Palestine through a monetary blockade for approximately two years. He emphasized his opposition to trading the basic national principles in exchange for political money.”

PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah: “As much as we are facing a difficult situation, and as much as there is a monetary and political blockade. – By the way, the US blockade is not from this year. For two years they have not been paying us. We are making do and everything is fine. We always say that it is impossible to trade firm national positions in exchange for any political money. We do not want political money. Will we relinquish Jerusalem in exchange for political money? It is impossible to relinquish Jerusalem, or one grain or bit of our land.”

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