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Abbas: Israel should "suffice" with 1947 UN partition lines

Mahmoud Abbas, PA Chairman, speech in Cuba:
 "It is a great honor for me to be here today at the Cuban Friendship House… I have always sensed the warmth of the relations in every meeting with Cuban authorities…
I hope to receive President Castro for a visit to our country, Palestine, when Palestine is liberated from Israeli occupation, and when we have a Palestinian state with its capital in the honored Jerusalem… We are struggling through peaceful means in order to achieve our rights; we have therefore announced that we go along with international legitimacy, with the UN resolutions since '47 to this day. We want these resolutions to be implemented, and for [UN decisions of] international legitimacy to assume their rightful place. We do not want double criteria, whereby resolutions are implemented in one place but not implemented somewhere else…
We demand of the world to call upon Israel to implement these resolutions and to halt the settlement activity in our land, and to suffice with the territory apportioned to it in the UN resolution."

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