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Fatah official: US President Trump is "Gestapo," "ignoramus"

YouTube channel of Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV, Talk of the Hour program, hosting Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki

Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki: "I expect that Allah willing, we – the ones who do as we please – will be the obstacle in the path of any Israeli-American progress in the Middle East – it will be us. They may win thanks to their planes and tanks, but we have the children; Ahed Tamimi who slapped the Israeli officer – we have many like her. We are in the belly of the monster- If they do not want life for the Palestinians, we do not want life for them." …
Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV host: “However, don't these positions provoke the US? Don't they provoke Israel and couldn't they cause it to take revenge on you? Doesn't it provoke several Arab regimes that are hostile to Iran and Hezbollah?"
Abbas Zaki: "No, listen, praise Allah we are benefitting from this stupid and bullying enemy. We do not want one that is delicate and soft. In other words, this [US President Donald] Trump, I’m telling you, by Allah, if there had not been miracles in Jerusalem and the whole deal were to remain, we would be lost." …
TV host: “This 'deal of the century,' does Trump expect you to accept it?"?
Abbas Zaki: “Impossible.”
Host: “In other words, Trump expects you to accept?”
Abbas Zaki: "Yes, he thinks that all he saw among the Arabs was that they dance and forget themselves. He takes their money and tricks them. What did he say about Iraq now? He says: 'There is no Iraq. There are rival factions.' Iraq is the second largest oil reserve in the world, estimated at 15 trillion. [And Trump says:] 'It is ours. We will not retreat, it is ours.' If they besiege him and make an arrangement for you, he will say: 'They should pay a trillion - a trillion and a half immediately.' What is this? He is Gestapo. O Allah, expose and reveal this! When your opponent is an ignoramus, by the way, you win."
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Ahed Tamimi – Teenage female Palestinian who attacked Israeli soldiers on Dec. 15, 2017, near the village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah, together with her 21-year-old female cousin, Nour Tamimi, and her mother, Namiran. Ahed was later arrested and charged with several counts, including aggravated assault, hindering a soldier in the line of duty, incitement, and rock throwing. After her arrest, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas called her father Bassem Tamimi to praise her and her family's participation in "peaceful" protests. Ahed Tamimi has a history of assaulting Israeli soldiers.

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