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Advisor to PA Prime Minister: Israel stole organs from 69 Martyrs and Judaizes Jerusalem

Omar Al-Ghoul, advisor to PA Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad on national affairs:
[Asserts that the activities of the "Ateret Kohanim" and "Temple Mount Faithful" organizations in Jerusalem are supported by] "the extreme right-wing government in Israel, which acts day and night, beneath and above the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and within the Old City and its environs, to Judaize the city and to change its landmarks for the sake of actions of the settlement [enterprise] which appropriates all the villages and towns in the West Bank.
Israel is an enemy. Israel is an enemy, occupying, thieving state, a racist, fascist state above the law, a state that does all that it can and invents means to defend its nefarious, aggressive, colonialist plan.
The world has to know and to take note of Israel's crimes, starting with the theft and trade in organs of Palestinian Shahids (Martyrs). The organs of approximately 69 Shahids were stolen. Likewise, the Goldstone report and other reports clearly indicate Israeli crimes."