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PA official about terrorists: They are “more honorable than all of us… We bow before them”

Official PA TV program The Content of the News, telephone interview with Deputy District Governor of Jerusalem Abdallah Siyam

Deputy District Governor of Jerusalem Abdallah Siyam: "Mercy for our Martyrs and freedom for our prisoners. They are more honorable than all of us and have followed the path of giving and struggle for their homeland, for their Jerusalem, and for their cause. They are a crown [on our heads] and they are greater than all of us. We bow before them in honor and appreciation.
The occupation, when it transfers the bodies of the Palestinian Martyrs to the freezers, and when it transfers the Martyrs to the numbered cemeteries (i.e., Israeli cemeteries for terrorists and enemy soldiers) and puts the prisoners in isolation – does it not want to put an end to this memory and to the names of the great giants? However, we say that the tougher the occupation's actions become, the more Palestinian civilians will be adherent and determined. After all, what we long for is to do Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) with all of its elements in this homeland. We ask Allah for a reward for these actions for the homeland, our national unity, and our cause. This harms and effects all of the actions of the occupation. The occupation will lose and end . It is impossible that Israel, this entity, will be greater than all of the previous empires that have passed through Jerusalem - not [than Mongolian ruler] Hulagu, the Romans, Crusader Europe, or Napoleon before the walls of Acre. This is the last occupation remaining on earth at the moment, and it will end before the resolve, faith, and conviction of the people of Jerusalem in their rights, in their Jerusalem, in their mosques, and in their churches."
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The Cemeteries for Enemy Casualties are two burial sites maintained by the Israeli army for burying the bodies of enemy soldiers as well as terrorists. They are fenced and well-marked. Graves have markers instead of gravestones. Burial is temporary, on the assumption that the bodies will eventually be returned to their countries of origin. No ceremony is held. The bodies are buried in numbered caskets after their identities are documented.